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trust me, mummies & daddies...

sleep is possible...

As a paediatric sleep and routine coach, I will support and work alongside with you to help you and your child sleep better.

Huiying Quek - Pediatric Sleep and Routine Coach
Little Big Dreams Singapore - Pediatric Sleep and Routine Coach

being a new parent is hard, but I truly believe that


It is possible to practice good sleep hygiene


No baby needs to "cry it out"


Boundaries are 100% healthy


You (and your spouse) are important, I am here to support (both of) you!

Huiying Quek - Pediatric Sleep and Routine Coach

hey there! i’m huiying!

First and foremost, I am sending you a virtual hug in case you need one :)

Being a parent since 2020 has humbled me on the mountain of challenges that parents can face. There is so much that we worry for our children, such as their health, their development progression and their happiness. 


In my journey of motherhood, I realized that by reducing problems related with sleep, it provides the entire family with much needed mental wellness and also a potentially happier baby!


As your sleep coach, my priority is to work alongside you and your family to establish healthy sleeping habits for your children. I understand that every family is unique and has different needs, which is why I am committed to developing a customized plan that suits your specific situation. 


We can work together to ensure that your child receives the restorative sleep they need for their crucial development. By doing so, we can also provide you parents with a well-deserved break to truly enjoy quality time as a family.

Little Big Dreams Singapore - Pediatric Sleep and Routine Coach

what other mamas & dadas are saying

Reviews - Pediatric Sleep and Routine Coach

Cassandra Lim,

Mama to a 9 month old

After struggling with our newborn's sleep and feeding schedule following the departure of our confinement nanny, my husband and I turned to Huiying for help. She provided invaluable advice and support, curating a schedule and teaching us how to put our baby to sleep independently. Her solutions worked effectively, and she was able to relate to our situation as a fellow mom. Moreover, as working parents, we can plan our work schedule around our baby's sleep schedule. We highly recommend Hui ying’s services!

Reviews - Pediatric Sleep and Routine Coach

Sherlynn Sim,

Mama to an 11.5 month old

Huiying saved us during a tough time as new parents when our baby relied heavily on a pacifier. She recommended sleep environment and schedule adjustments that led to our baby dropping the pacifier in just one day and sleeping independently after. She was always available to answer questions, checked in on us to ensure our well-being, and made us more confident in handling our baby's sleep! Highly recommend Huiying to all new parents, with her help, sleep training can be done so much easier!!!

Reviews - Pediatric Sleep and Routine Coach

Melody Poh,

Mama to a 3 month old

Met Huiying before giving birth and her sharing gave my hubby and I great insights of what to expect! 

Huiying's advice provided us clear steps which led to increased confidence and assurance for creating proper sleep hygiene, which we began from birth. By 6 weeks baby started to sleep through the night! Learning about her personal experience gave us the emotional security and reassurance that we really needed as new parents. Would highly recommend to have a chat with Huiying before you pop! :)

What to Expect


Initial Consultation

I’d love to hear about your family and answer any questions you may have regarding your little one’s sleep and routine. I can guide you towards our different sleep programmes.


Onboarding & Sleep Plan Creation

I’ll send you an intake form to complete and I will use the information to create a custom sleep plan.


Implement & Support

I will be available through whatsapp to work alongside with you with the implementation of the sleep plan and troubleshoot any situations.


Graduation Pack

You will receive a graduation pack, which outlines some sleep milestones and tips moving forward, after you complete the sleep programme with me!

ready to learn how I can support you?
Little Big Dreams - Pediatric Sleep and Routine Coach
You don’t have to do this alone.

Parenthood should be enjoyable. Don't let your child's sleep patterns keep you up at night and leave you feeling like a shadow of yourself.

We're committed to helping you reclaim the life you envision for yourself!

Let’s get you some rest.
Sleep can be simple
1. Schedule your discovery call

Get a basic idea how the programme works and what you need to do to ensure success.

2. Receive your plan

Go through an in-depth discussion and evaluation to come up with a plan that fits you, your family and your goals. Good preparation makes success.

3. Get your rest

Execute your plan while being well supported by us. Once baby gets their well deserved sleep, you will also reap the rewards of having precious me time for yourself and your family.

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